Beautiful finds at Alexandra Siebelink

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Beautiful finds at Alexandra Siebelink

Following my blog for a while, you will have noticed that I posted earlier about Alexandra Siebelink , who is a Holland based interior designer. Alexandra’s work is featured in a lot of European magazines and publications, as in one of my favorite and must-have books, titled Quiet Living, Unique Country Interiors by Piet Swimberghe-photography Jan Verlinde. This book counts numerous interiors with a rural touch.

qiuet living_0

I have always admired Alexandra’s design work. Alexandra loves to work with natural materials as natural stone, oak wood and lime paint, which all age beautifully. And she always knows how to choose and where to place the appropriate furniture, decorative items and objets d’art.

Here you can see some pictures of her work.


Alexandra has a strong preference to work with simple furniture.


She is keen on space and light and loves to use a subdued color palette.


Alexandra loves to use Belgian linen in combination with other natural materials.

Today I want to share with you exceptional furniture I discovered at Alexandra’s website.

Gorgeous antique cabinets



Wonderful wooden benches



A simple table used as a desk



Gorgeous linen covered seats


If you are interested in one of these pieces, please contact Alexandra at

To see more of her interior design work, visit Alexandra’s website at


or follow Alexandra on Pinterest

3 thoughts on “Beautiful finds at Alexandra Siebelink

  1. Brilliant Home Decor – must be your screen. They are rlelay a creamy tan color like the cabinets. The kitchen is actually my least favorite room. I wish it was more traditional with either white cabinets or black. But now I’m just quibbling because I’d still live there anyday!

  2. Very stylish. Being a B&W Photographer mslyef I love the display of photography. Not sure about the colours in the kitchen, lemon yellow and pinkish tiles? It must be my monitor’s screen.

  3. I am soooo glad I found you again. I talked to you via email a few years back after I had read an aclirte in Canadian Home and Country. Still have your email addy. May I put an introduction to your blog on mine. I know alot of my friends will be interested. Sorry I won’t make it to the upcoming sale, I will be out of town. I am so disappointed.

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